What’s my favourite Jo Malone scent?

Like I’m sure many of you are too I am a HUGE Jo Malone fan, there is something about the brand and the fragrances that make me feel so classy and upmarket.

Many people I have spoken to seem to have one particular scent that they can’t not repurchase, well I’m also 100% guilty of this so I thought I would share it with you.

My all time favourite has to be Mimosa and Cardamom, to me it’s a warm yet floral summery scent. It’s top notes are Cardamom, heart note Mimosa and the base note is Tonka bean.

Here is a snap of my back up 30ml as my current one has almost run out (heartbroken):


All Jo Malone Cologne’s last amazingly throughout the day, even when I have sprayed it at 8am by 5pm I can still smell it on me.  I have had several people ask what I am wearing when I have reached for my favourite in the morning which instantly makes me feel amazing!

I’m hoping to pick up one or two of the new scents when I am near a Jo Malone, possibly a body crème or candle too. I mean why not!!

What’s your favourite Jo Malone scent?

Hugs, Kirsty x

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