My Goals for 2019!


So I know I’m pretty late posting this but better late than never? 

2018 was the year I really started to get into Instagram and created my blog. Personal life was a mixed bag but more highs than lows!

Honestly my list of goals are pretty extensive for 2019, but I wanted to narrow them down to things I will actually be able to achieve rather than pipe dreams! 

So here goes, 5 things I hope to achieve in 2019!

Goal 1 – blog blog blog!

So I started this blog last year and definitely didn’t get as many posts out as I wanted to. This year I want to make sure I post at least once a week.

I also want to include more of my life and personal posts as I want you to all be able to connect with me more. So be prepared to enter the slightly crazy world of Kirsty Marie!

Goal 2 – Get fitter!

So not only do I want to get fitter as in start to do some exercise I am going to be following a slimming world plan, my aim is to be 2 dress sizes smaller by 2020, I mean I’d love to actually be 3 but I’m being realistic here because your girl loves a cake!

I don’t want to restrict myself to much so that I’m constantly hungry and grumpy as that’s not good for myself or anyone around me.

No one wants to deal with hangry Kirsty! Lol!

Goal 3 – Push myself out of my comfort zone!

This year I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone, one thing I definitely want to do is try to date more however that means overcoming my anxiety around meeting new people in a “date” situation.

I also want to start learning to drive again, I mean I was learning last year then got really anxious over it and stopped. I’m not sure what it was about it but I think I just need to take it at my own pace and hopefully pass before I’m 30!

Goal 4 – Start to do get ready with me videos:

So for a long time I’ve wanted to start producing short “get ready with me” style videos on Instagram and also live testing of products. Possibly then depending how well they do branch out to YouTube.

The main reason I haven’t before as the world seeing me without make up on it’s pretty daunting!

A confession for you all, I don’t actually leave my house without make up on, it’s a confidence issue which this year I am working on!

So what better way that to just show my naked face to the Instagram world? *slightly peeing my pants still*

Goal 5 – Put myself first!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been someone who puts other people before myself, this means I’ve sadly said no to a lot of opportunities that I know I’d have loved.

This year I’m putting me first, I’m going to say yes more and go for things that will make me happy.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to turn into a super bitch, but sometimes I’m to nice for my own good and it only ends up with me being hurt.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my goals and will be around this time in 2020 to see how I’ve done!

2019 I’m ready for you!!!


Kirsty Marie xox

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