My Goals for 2019!


So I know I’m pretty late posting this but better late than never? 

2018 was the year I really started to get into Instagram and created my blog. Personal life was a mixed bag but more highs than lows!

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The 5 perfect Perfumes – a Gift Guide 2018!

The festive season is fast approaching and I’m definitely getting in the Christmas spirit!

Strangely enough this year I’m actually very nearly finished shopping, so unlike me!

But I thought I would share with you all my favourite perfumes at the moment, they would most definitely make a great present for your mum, sister, aunt, girlfriend…. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this! I know I absolutely love receiving a new perfume at Christmas, it soon becomes my go to winter scent.

I thought I’d share with you all a range of prices / scents so you have plenty to chose from!

So above is an over view, but I thought I’d detail one by one why I would recommend them, retail price, places to buy etc.

Gucci Bloom – £65.00 (50ml)

A perfect floral fragrance, it’s light but lasts all day. It has the most beautiful tuberose and jasmine notes.

Armani Si – £69.00 (50ml)

This is one of my favourites for a night out where I need to smell gorgeous into the wee hours!

It has beautiful vanilla, patchouli and woody base notes which definitely are prominent.

It’s definitely a timeless fragrance, I’d say this can be worn be anyone from your 16 year old sister to your 85 year old nan!

Misguided Boss Babe – £28 (80ml)

This is a fragrance I love wearing on a day to day basis, it smells amazing and lasts the whole working day. Also I mean it’s called boss babe, so it leaves me feeling like a boss!

I’m finding there’s a little theme with my top 5 perfumes, this one is also quite floral and contains vanilla but also has musk and sandalwood so that definitely balances out the floral notes.

I’d definitely say this is a fragrance targeting a younger audience, I’m 27 and I LOVE it, so 16-35 range?

Jo Malone Cologne- £47 (30ml)

There are so many Jo Malone fragrances I love, I have picked two of my favourites, there are many reasons why but I find that they both have a very unique scent I can’t compare to any other fragrances.

They last beautifully throughout the day and mellow down as they can be a little strong when first applied, does depend if your like me and spray 10000 sprays though!

  • Honeysuckle and Davana
  • Mimosa and Cardamom

Ysl Mon Paris – £71.50 (50ml)

So I saved the most expensive for last BUT this is worth every penny! If I have an event or a special occasion this is what I wear.

It’s citrus floral perfection with gorgeous hints of grapefruit and rose, it’s definitely a grown up scent and would make the perfect gift for any female in your family who you want to have an extra special gift this Christmas.

So that wraps up my perfume gift guide for 2018 (pun totally intended)!

I hope this helps if your struggling to chose a fragrance for a loved one, I can whole heartedly recommend these, they have all been tried and tested MANY times!

All are available from apart from the Jo Malone fragrances which are available directly from

Happy gift shopping 🛍

Hugs, Kirsty Marie – x

Charlotte Tilbury – Pillow Talk collection – A Review:

I can honestly say when I heard this collection was going to be released I was 100% picking it up as soon as it was released, even if it meant toast until payday!

I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury products, not only for the beautiful packaging but the amazing quality of the products, the Pillow Talk collection DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

So for anyone who hasn’t seen this collection, I don’t know where you have been (joking), but it is made up of 4 products.

They are:

  • Matte Revolution Lipstick
  • Lip Cheat
  • Cheek to Chic (New)
  • Luxury Eyeshadow Palette (New)

I already had the two lip products but needed to pick up the two new releases, I was actually lucky enough to find a link to order them early…… Yes that’s how excited I was!

So moving forward to the day they arrived…. I was at work at the time so couldn’t play with them straight away but they were even more gorgeous in person!

The luxury eyeshadow palette has 4 shades, 2 which are mattes and 2 shimmers. They all work amazingly together to create a beautiful natural eye look, absolutely perfect for a wedding look! They are highly pigmented and blend seamlessly so even if you aren’t a professional you wouldn’t have any issues!

Lastly moving onto the Cheek to Chic blush, it is the usual two toned blush which I love however this one has a gorgeous champagne colour in the middle which adds the most beautiful sheen to your skin when applied. I’d even wear this on its own if I was having a minimal makeup day as it would leave a radiant glow!

My over all thoughts…. is the collection worth buying? 1000% YES!!!!

It is only available online though so you will need to order it from the Charlotte Tilbury website but their delivery times are great!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts on this highly covered release!

Hugs, Kirsty x