Blush, Bronze, Blush ðŸ–Œ

Happy “hump” day all!

This week I received a lovely gift from Phase Zero.

They have recently launched two brand new editions to their brand, bronzer and blusher. There are quiet a few different shades to chose from which cater to all skin tones.

These are the two blushers and bronzer I was very kindly gifted:

As you can see they are contained in a matte black rectangular compact, they also have a mirror inside so perfect for using on the go.

I thought it would be good to also show you them individually so you can see the shades I picked.

The Blushers:

Cotton Candy – £7.50

It is a very soft pink shade and perfect for light skin tones or a natural makeup look.

Heart Throb – £7.50

It is quiet a vibrant pink, you definitely wouldn’t need to apply a lot! I’d say this is the one for medium/ darker skin tones or someone who likes a vibrant glam look.

The Bronzer:

Hidden Agenda – £7.50;jsessionid=806C9A96BA4E6A30942669957E97D59C.jvm1/product/LMB-PZ-BRONZER

It’s definitely more of a cool toned bronzer. Perfect for also using as a contour shade. I feel it would definitely be better for light / medium tones.

I can definitely say the formula of all three products is spot on, it blends seamlessly and doesn’t go patchy throughout the day. It also has a beautiful coconut / tropical scent which isn’t over powering so if your someone who doesn’t really enjoy scented products this shouldn’t effect you.

I am hoping that more shades will soon arrive in the bronzer as I do need a slightly darker shade for when I have a tan 🙂

*Hint Hint Phase Zero*

Also Phase Zero have given me a discount code to share with you all, if you use “KIRSTYB05” at check out you will get £5 off your order!

Will you be picking any of these beauty’s up?

Hugs, Kirsty x

My FIRST EVER Blog Post & An Old Favourite product!

So firstly welcome to my blog and my first ever post! I must admit I am pretty nervous writing this as its a totally new experience for me.

I decided to start blogging after being on social media for just under a year and wanted to be able to write more in-depth reviews.

So I’m going to stop rambling now and get on with talking to you about one of my first EVER high end blushers which is still an absolute staple in my cosmetics collection now!

NARS Orgasm Blusher:

I can almost picture my mums face when I asked her for this blusher as a teenage girl, she looked slightly baffled by the name of it and wondered what on Earth her teenage daughter was asking for. Nevertheless she kindly bought it for me and I have loved it ever since, it’s a must have for me.

When I heard that there was going to be a limited edition larger size I knew I had to get my hands on it. Here it is below:

It’s a beautiful warm pink with hints of gold shimmer so leaves a lovely healthy glow to your skin without being harsh. It’s one of those blushes you can wear on a minimal make up day and doesn’t leave you with extremely rosey cheeks! It’s also very easy to blend and doesn’t leave stripes even on top of a cream / liquid base, I always use a nice fluffy blusher brush to apply!

I love Nars as a brand but this is definitely the product that started that for me.

What’s your favourite Nars product?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post, feel free to leave me a comment!

Hugs, Kirsty 💕